Friday, February 15, 2019

Fake News

1. Genochoice: Genochoice is a website about a fake doctor who can diagnose you with all sorts of types of illnesses. It even says they can diagnose you with cancer. The author is not real. there is no author listed, they are not credible. This page can not diagnose you with something when they're just on the internet, they need to actually see you. When you search up Genochoice, every single person, website and platform say the website is just a scam, it can not treat you. The links do not work. RYT is not a real hospital. 

2. Buy An Ancestor Online: This website scams you into believing that they will help you find your ancestors. The ads on this site are all fake, they use fake call numbers,and they try to bribe people for money. This site is outdated, There is also very little information on the founder, Bob Fulkerson, and the site is maintained by the “Losing Proposition Company"

3. Dog Island: This website is about an island for dogs, it's a place where you can set your dog free and let it be healthy. This website is a scam, mostly because there are many questions all over the internet whether or not this site is real or fake. The directors said that their office involve solving a cryptic puzzle.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Spark Video

<blockquote class="embedly-card"><h4><a href="">My first video</a></h4><p>A story told with Adobe Spark Video.</p></blockquote>
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Pano_Perspective Image

I took several pictures and I feel that this image best describes the pano perspective. My friends helped me out, They would both stand in one place then when the camera went off of them they would run behind me and would go over to the right and stand there, it made them both look like they were in the picture two times. I think this image came out good because it shows how the pano tool is used and what it exactly does.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Leading lines

I chose these two images to show leading lines because I think it perfectly makes the two people stand out. In the first image, the girl is laying down, she is in the center of the picture and the lines are going at her so it makes her stand out even more, it makes the picture focus on her and nothing else. In the second image, the other girl is sitting down, she is in the center of the picture and the lines are going at her in the front and also in the back, so it makes her stand out even more. It puts the focus on her and nothing else around her.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Monday, February 4, 2019

Point of view

I chose this rock to take pictures on because it really caught my eye, the texture and how it looked made it look photogenic, I took many of pictures on it but I decided to choose these 4 because I feel they show the point of views in the best ways. In the first one, I took it from my left side and got a house and some other rocks in the background, it makes the black rock look more appealing to the eyes, because of how light the background is when it's dark. In the second image, I went behind it and tried to get the ocean and the sky into it so it could make the rock pop out so it could the viewers attention. In the third image, I went to my right and tried to make it bright as well so the rock could jump out in the picture. In the last image I stood above it and took a picture, the sand is clearly lighter than the rock so it made it the center of attention. These images in my opinion describe different point of views in many creative ways.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Rule Of Thirds

I used the rule of thirds in the first image by tilting my camera to the left and getting the main building out of the middle, it shows the details and more of the surroundings around it. It shows more buildings and the details along the road. I used the rule of thirds in my second image as well, I loved the bridge I saw on the canal so I put it on my left and got the ocean more in view and the bridge leading out. I chose these two image because I believe that these two images show the rule of thirds very well.

Coffee Survey